2008 Nobel Laureates in Physics

I. Sanda
2009 EurophysicsNews  
MASkAWA SAN, koBAYAShI SAN! III inally it happened! First, I will discuss my personal contacts with the three Nobel Laureates. Next, I will discuss spontaneous symmetry breaking in connection with the standard model, on which the Kobayashi-Maskawa theory is based. en I will discuss CP symmetry and what I know about how the theory was discovered. Finally, I will very briefly discuss how the prediction of the KM theory, the large CP violation in B decays, was verified. Of course Nambu Sensei's
more » ... scoveries spans through the entirety of particle physics. Here, I have to restrict myself to those topics, which played crucial roles in the discovery of the KM theory. It took 35 years and funding of all together 700 million US$ to build asymmetric e + e − colliders at KEK and SLAC to discover the large CP violation. us the experimental aspect is a story in itself. Unfortunately, I will not be able to do justice in covering this fascinating tale.
doi:10.1051/epn/2009401 fatcat:ujjawirrb5gqvhk4rdpyzimogm