Khaled Boukebbous, El Adoui Laifa, Aimery De Mallmann, Mostafa Taoufik
2016 IUCrData  
The crystallization from an ethyl acetate solution of the title compound, also known as dichloro-1,2-dithiacyclopentenone, C3Cl2OS2, leads to a monoclinic system withP21/nspace group. The molecule displays an almost planar geometry, with a torsion angle of −2.1 (1)° for the endocyclic C—C—S—S fragment. The S—S and C=O bond lengths are 2.0521 (8) and 1.212 (3) Å, respectively. The endocyclic S—C—C angle sustained by the carbonyl group, 110.94 (16)°, deviates from the expected value of 120° for
more » ... value of 120° for ansp2-hybridized C atom. In the crystal, short S...S, S...Cl, S...O and Cl...Cl contacts are observed.
doi:10.1107/s2414314616018204 fatcat:lcqitrjsqneg7dkaolorytomsi