Study on Cauliflower-Like Mass in Rectum Mucosa Induced by Strongyloides stercoralis in Beagle Dogs

Heng Wang, Jun Dong, Yu Lin, Xi Li, Gui Feng, Wei Liu, Xia Meng, Jian Li, Y Dong, X Lin, G Li, W Feng (+3 others)
Pakistan Veterinary Journal   unpublished
A five-month-old, female beagle dog was sent to veterinary teaching hospital of Yangzhou University with cauliflower-like mass germinating from rectum mucosa. Clinical signs included weight loss, abdominal pain, and defecating posture frequently. When the beagle dog defecated, no feces but cauliflower-like mass in rectum mucosa were found obviously. Digital radiographic and fecal detection were applied and then the cauliflower-like mass was incised. Histopathologic examination revealed that
more » ... tode larvae infiltrated in the tissue. Based on the morphological characteristics, the nematode larvae were identified as Strongyloides stercoralis., 2015. Study on cauliflower-like mass in rectum mucosa induced by Strongyloides stercoralis in beagle dogs. Pak Vet J, 35(3): 391-393.