Prediction of Fracture Damage of Sandstone Using Digital Image Correlation

Fanxiu Chen, Endong Wang, Bin Zhang, Liming Zhang, Fanzhen Meng
2020 Applied Sciences  
Investigation on the deformation mechanism of sandstone is crucial to understanding the life cycle patterns of pertinent infrastructure systems considering the extensive adoption of sandstone in infrastructure construction of various engineering systems, e.g., agricultural engineering systems. In this study, the state-of-the-art digital image correlation (DIC) method, which uses classical digital photography, is employed to explore the detailed failure course of sandstone with physical uniaxial
more » ... h physical uniaxial compression tests. Four typical points are specifically selected to characterize the global strain field by plotting their corresponding strain–time relationship curves. Thus, the targeted failure thresholds are identified. The Hill–Tsai failure criterion and finite element simulation are then used for the cross-check process of DIC predictions. The results show that, though errors exist between the experimental and the theoretical values, overall, they are sufficiently low to be ignored, indicating good agreement. From the results, near-linear relationships between strain and time are detected before failure at the four chosen points and the failure strain thresholds are almost the same; as low as 0.004. Failure thresholds of sandstone are reliably determined according to the strain variation curve, to forecast sandstone damage and failure. Consequently, the proposed technology and associated information generated from this study could be of assistance in the safety and health monitoring processes of relevant infrastructure system applications.
doi:10.3390/app10041280 fatcat:ghuefydbxzeizn6pds343xzwda