Very Benevolent

1846 Scientific American  
He sits in his chair from morning till night, 'Tis smoke, chew, smoke, He rises at dawn his pipe to light, Goes puffing and chewing with all his might, Till the hour of sleep. 'Tis his delight To smoke, chew, smoke. The quid goes in when his pipe goes out. 'Tis chew, chew, chev", Now, a cloud of smoke pours from his throat, Then, his mouth sends a constant stream afloat Suffi cient-to'�-a mill or a boat, 'Tis chew, chew, chew. -He sits all day in a smoke or fog, 'Tis puff; puff, puff, He growls
more » ... at his wife, and �e dog, He covers with filth the carpet and rug, And his only answer when I give him a jog, Is puff, puff, putt: Such a room I'm sure, was ne'er seen before, 'Tis pipes, quids, pipes; Quids are scattered from door to door, With pipe stems the mantel covered o'er, Pig tail and fine cut strew:ed o'er the floor, 'Tis pipes, quid, pipes. The house all o'er, from end to end, Is gmoke, smoke, smoke, In whatever room my way I wend; If I take his old.clothe!i to patch and mend Ungrateful per. es will ever ascend Of smoke, smoke, smoke. At home or abroad, afar or near, 'Tis smoke, chew, smoke; His mouth is stuffed from ear to ear, Or p�1ning the stump of a pipe so dear, And his days will end I verily fear, In smoke, smoke, smoke. ----------Give and Take.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican12051846-82p fatcat:tcbzgnu3gzbdjoz3cwxozgf4zm