Microstructure Stability of Inconel 740H Alloy After Long Term Exposure at 750℃

DANG Ying-ying, ZHAO Xin-bao, YIN Hong-fei, LU Jin-tao, YUAN Yong, YANG Zhen, GU Yue-feng
2016 Journal of Materials Engineering  
Unstressed exposure tests of Inconel 740H alloy tube were carried out at 750℃ for 500-3000h. The microstructure evolution and microhardness were studied by means of thermodynamic simulation, OM, FEG-SEM and microhardness testing. The results show that the tube is qualified if both chemical composition and tensile properties of the as-received alloy meet the corresponding requirements of ASME. After long term exposure, the main precipitates are γ' and M23C6, and no η and σ phase. With the
more » ... se. With the prolonging of exposure time, the coarsening of γ' becomes faster and the law of relationship between the radius of γ' and time accords with LSW Ostwald ripening law; meanwhile, the change in size of M23C6 is not so obvious. During the whole process, microhardness increases firstly and then decreases, but the fluctuation is slight. The changes of microstructure and hardness indicate that, after long time exposure, the domestic Inconel 740H has good stability and can be used for further carrying out the investigation on the mechanical property of creep-rupture.
doi:10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2016.09.009 doaj:6af8354e87754184a2efd297667c77a1 fatcat:3uqc223zmjd65hq2umylha66dm