Solubility of finely divided gold in potassium ferrocyanide solution

1911 Journal of the Franklin Institute  
12o CURRENT TOPICS. of yeast and spent hops have the following composition: water io, proteins 55, non-nitrogenous extraetives and cellulose 24.2, ash 7.8, and fat 3 per cent. They should be worth three dollars per hundred weight. Waterproofing Filter Beds and Reservoirs. (Eng. Record, lxii, i6.)--Mr. H. Ashley, Engineer of the Portsmouth (England) Water Co.'s plant at Farlington, reports that an area of seven acres of floors and walls of the filter beds and reservoirs were waterproofed by two
more » ... oats of cement plastering. The first coat was three-quarters of an inch thick and the second one-quarter of an inch. The result was very successful, as careful tests frequently repeated, disclosed no leakage whatever.
doi:10.1016/s0016-0032(11)91039-4 fatcat:zcjsq2o74zgdpg2femypn3cqwa