An Evaluation of Suitable Functions for the Insulin Standard Curve

G. L. Atkins
1981 Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine  
The insulin radioimmunoassay technique used for human insulin has been modified for measuring rabbit insulin (i) at lower concentrations of insulin in plasma, and (ii) more precisely. Eleven algebraic functions were fitted in turn to fifty-three data sets. The goodness-of-fit was assessed in each case. It was concluded that a quadratic equation was the best function for the standard curve of the modified immunoassay, although this function is not necessarily the best for other different
more » ... says. Bewertung geeigneter mathematischer Funktionen für die Insulin-Standardkurve Zusammenfassung: Der Radioimmunoassay für menschliches Insulin wurde modifiziert, um Insulin vom Kaninchen in geringeren Konzentrationen und genauer zu bestimmen.
doi:10.1515/cclm.1981.19.7.441 fatcat:ptivsu5z6rh2dhflcj5avrqseq