The Determinants and Impacts of Income Diversification in Rural Ethiopia: The Case of Communities in Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Regional State

Demissie Damite
This study examines the determinants and impacts of rural household income diversification. The analysis of this study is based on data taken from "Ethiopian Rural Households Surveys"(1997 and 1999) conducted by the Department of Economics, Addis Ababa University. To analyse the determinants of household's choice among different livelihood strategies and the level of income diversity, multinomial logit model that corrects selection bias was estimated for five distinct livelihood strategies. The
more » ... ood strategies. The effects of income diversification on rural equity and consumption insurance against idiosyncratic income shock were nalysed using Gini decomposition technique and linear regression model, respectively. The results indicated that the asset endowment of the household has a significant effect on households' choice of livelihood strategy and the level of income diversity. They also show that the effect of asset on livelihood choice and income diversity is dependent on the type of asset as well as on the particular livelihood strategy. Empirical evidences revealed that farm land holding, distant to market, involvement in cash crop production, ox holding, use of agricultural extension and possession of senior secondary education by head lower the likelihood of involvement in livelihood diversification. On the other hand, labour supply, livestock holding, junior secondary education attainment of head and age of head increase the odds of pursuing livelihood diversification relative to purefarm strategy. The variation in level of income diversity for more attractive strategies was explained by access to credit, livestock endowment, farmland size, transfer income, involvement in cash crop production, and household composition (number of adult male and female members). Similarly, the variation in level of income diversity for easy entry strategies was explained by laobur supply and frequency of market. Generally, the study shows the importance of liquid assets (livestock, cash crop, credit, transfer income), access to markets, demogr [...]
doi:10.20372/nadre/8647 fatcat:tef7s7xsqngxxhuadyhemucd6e