Sensitivity analysis for generalized set-valued parametric ordered variational inclusion with (α,λ)-NODSM mappings in ordered Banach spaces

Hong Li, Li Li, Ji Zheng, Mao Jin
2014 Fixed Point Theory and Applications  
In this paper, a new class of general set-valued parametric ordered variational inclusions, θ ∈ M(x, g(x, ρ), ρ), with (α, λ)-NODSM mappings is studied in ordered Banach spaces. Then, by using fixed point theory and the resolvent operator associated with (α, λ)-NODSM set-valued mappings, an existence theorem and a sensitivity analysis of the solution set for this kind of parametric variational inclusion is proved and discussed in ordered Banach spaces. The obtained results seem to be general in nature. MSC: 49J40; 47H06
doi:10.1186/1687-1812-2014-122 fatcat:rp4owsp64jbsbmvzdo7c4torlm