Vectorial vortex mode transformation for a hollow waveguide using Pancharatnam-Berry phase optical elements

Yaniv Yirmiyahu, Avi Niv, Gabriel Biener, Vladimir Kleiner, Erez Hasman
2006 Optics Letters  
Transformation and inverse transformation between a free-space linearly polarized beam and the vectorial vortex mode of a circular hollow waveguide by use of Pancharatnam-Berry phase optical elements is proposed. Demonstration was achieved by fabricating GaAs subwavelength gratings and utilizing a 300 m diameter hollow metallic waveguide for 10.6 m wavelength CO 2 laser radiation. The mode transformations and the excitation of a single vectorial mode inside the hollow waveguide were verified by
more » ... de were verified by full polarization measurements. In addition, the inverse mode transformation of the single vectorial mode excitation in the waveguide enabled us to experimentally obtain a linearly polarized bright spot with a high central lobe.
doi:10.1364/ol.31.003252 pmid:17072387 fatcat:glhneeexgjaehnog3lbknvquyy