Multi-beam X-ray ptychography for high-throughput coherent diffraction imaging

Yudong Yao, Yi Jiang, Jeffrey A. Klug, Michael Wojcik, Evan R. Maxey, Nicholas S. Sirica, Christian Roehrig, Zhonghou Cai, Stefan Vogt, Barry Lai, Junjing Deng
2020 Scientific Reports  
X-ray ptychography is a rapidly developing coherent diffraction imaging technique that provides nanoscale resolution on extended field-of-view. However, the requirement of coherence and the scanning mechanism limit the throughput of ptychographic imaging. In this paper, we propose X-ray ptychography using multiple illuminations instead of single illumination in conventional ptychography. Multiple locations of the sample are simultaneously imaged by spatially separated X-ray beams, therefore,
more » ... eams, therefore, the obtained field-of-view in one scan can be enlarged by a factor equal to the number of illuminations. We have demonstrated this technique experimentally using two X-ray beams focused by a house-made Fresnel zone plate array. Two areas of the object and corresponding double illuminations were successfully reconstructed from diffraction patterns acquired in one scan, with image quality similar with those obtained by conventional single-beam ptychography in sequence. Multi-beam ptychography approach increases the imaging speed, providing an efficient way for high-resolution imaging of large extended specimens.
doi:10.1038/s41598-020-76412-8 pmid:33177558 fatcat:7bbvxwqn3rgm7j6j35iohvrqzi