Types of states in the context of the social function of the state

Віктор Венцель, Василь Купрійчук
2020 Aspekti Publìčnogo Upravlìnnâ  
The article deals with the problems of typology States peculiarities of a government social function depending on countries.The features of formational and civilizational approaches to the typology of states are characterized. The main criterion in the formational approach is the mode of industry production (the level of development of productive resources and production relations), which is determined by the dominant form of ownership of the means of production, as well as the class structure
more » ... f society. The civilizational approach explains the multi-vector historical development, in particular the fact that states develop differently and reach different economic or social levels of development. This is due to the accumulated historical and cultural development, national characteristics, mentality, social norms of behavior, etc. That is, the type and development of the state largely depends on the national culture and worldview of society, and the state is the most important factor in the spiritual and cultural development of society.Found out that today a fundamentally new type of capitalist state is being formed – it is becoming more socially oriented, losing its class character, human ideology and the state of the common good are becoming a new ideology. Globalization and the formation of a post-industrial society have a significant impact on the modern development of states, which radically changes the classical form of capitalism. It is determined that the main problem of modernity is the formation of a new type of state that should combine the economic ideology of capitalism and the ideology of social welfare.It is established that the main criteria used for typology can not perfectly and comprehensively explain the peculiarities of the formation and development of states, as well as unambiguously formulate the place and role of the state in its social function. The necessity of further research of characteristic features of different types of states is substantiated for the purpose of revealing of characteristic features of the states, their patterns of development, and also modeling of possible variants of the further existence and development of the states.
doi:10.15421/152079 fatcat:kvgzlggvnnahdd5gb5jhhd6bim