A Study of Different Character Strengths in the Sasang Constitution
사상체질에 따른 성격강점 차이연구

Hyuncheol Park, Gyung Yu, Lakhyung Kim
2017 Journal of Oriental Neuropsychiatry  
Objectives: The purpose of this study is to investigate the Sasang Constitution character strength of university students. Methods: One hundred fifty students of Woosuk University participated in this study. Their majors were Korean medicine, nursing science, and pharmacy. Their Sasang Constitutional types were determined using the results of a Two Step Questionnaire for Sasang Constitution Diagnosis (TS-QSCD). The subjects were also tested by a Characteristic Strength Test (CST). The Character
more » ... Strength test scores were compared to the different Sasang Constitutions using analysis of variances (ANOVA). Also, the five Signature Strengths presented to the subjects were measured as a percentage within Sasang Constitution Groups, and compared to the different Sasang Constitutions. Results and Conclusions: 1. In CST score: Soyangin were significantly higher than Taeeumin in creativity, curiosity, love, social intelligence, vitality, leadership, appreciation of beauty and excellence, and humor. Also, Soyangin was significantly higher than Soeumin in wisdom, kindness, bravery, and authenticity. 2. In CST score: Taeeumin were significantly higher than Soyangin in modesty. Taeeumin and Soeumin were significantly higher than Soyangin in prudence. 3. In the five signature strength analysis: Extrovert character strengths such as curiosity, vitality, social intelligence, bravery, and leadership, were higher in Soyangin. On the other hand, Introvert character strengths such as modesty, prudence, and self-regulation, were higher in Taeeumin and Soeumin. 4. In the five signature strength analysis: The signature strengths of Soyangin and Soeumin indicated a biased distribution. The signature strengths of Taeeumin indicated an even distribution.
doi:10.7231/jon.2017.28.1.039 fatcat:weug6n2cgng35pw2f3fhez47qi