Seismic Pounding Response of Girder Bridges Considering Lateral Stiffness of Ground Motion

Fa shui Liu, Lai jun Liu, Lin Shen, Cao fang Yang
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Architectural, Civil and Hydraulics Engineering   unpublished
Abstract:In order to study the effect of pounding at expansion joints of beam bridge on the seismic responses of bridge structure during earthquake, the research is based on multi-particle of single degree of freedom system, and the pounding effects of adjacent girders on seismic responses with 3 different of farming waves are studied by using nonlinear vibration equations of motion. The results indicated that the influence of ratio of peak moment on lateral rigidity may attenuate or increase
more » ... th the reduce of lateral pier stiffness, which depends on a great extent on the effective peak acceleration (EPA) and duration. The smaller lateral pier stiffness is, the maximum collision force between beams first increased and then decreased, it has held stable. The main parameters influencing of collision number is effective peak acceleration(EPA) when lateral pier stiffness is big, otherwise, duration is the main parameters .The influence of the effective peak acceleration(EPA) is attenuated gradually with the reduce of the lateral pier stiffness, while the influence of duration increased. The influence of relative displacement between beams reduces with reducing the lateral pier stiffness.
doi:10.2991/icache-15.2015.90 fatcat:niv4zho6mfdalmtem7qbubugbi