The Design of the Infusion Alarm

Xuetao Liu
2017 Proceedings of the 2017 7th International Conference on Mechatronics, Computer and Education Informationization (MCEI 2017)   unpublished
In order to ensure the safety of patients and make the patients have a good rest during liquid infusion, we design a wireless infusion alarm system. The system adopts two terminal mode with host and slaves. The slaves in the patients' side are in charge of detecting whether the infusion is completed, while the host in the nurse side are in charge of monitor the slaves. The system use optocoupler MOCH22A to detect the liquid in the infusion hose. Through the combination of analog circuit and
more » ... log circuit and digital circuit, the information is transmitted to the microcontroller. Bluetooth is connected with microcontrollers so that the host and slaves can be connected by wireless. When the infusion is finishing, the corresponding slave and the host simultaneously alarm and notify the nurse to deal with it in time. Design and Achievement of System The Whole Design of System. Overall, this design is divided into two parts, multiple slaves in the patients' side to detect and a host in the nurses' side to monitor. Slaves are consisted of opticalcoupler circuit, 51 microcontrollers module and Bluetooth, while the host are consist of 51 microcontrollers module and Bluetooth. When opticalcoupler detected liquid is dropping out, the bell in the circuit alarms and the circuit transfer the information to the microcontrollers in slave side. The microcontrollers will drive the Bluetooth module so that the information can transfer from the slave to the host by Bluetooth. After the microcontrollers get the information from the Bluetooth in host side, it will alarm too. The process of information transfer in the system is shown in the Fig.1 below.
doi:10.2991/mcei-17.2017.104 fatcat:6icpk6iubzcezikvmkfg7bgd64