Localized exotic smoothness

Carl H Brans
1994 Classical and quantum gravity  
Gompf's end-sum techniques are used to establish the existence of an infinity of non-diffeomorphic manifolds, all having the same trivial R^4 topology, but for which the exotic differentiable structure is confined to a region which is spatially limited. Thus, the smoothness is standard outside of a region which is topologically (but not smoothly) B^3× R^1, where B^3 is the compact three ball. The exterior of this region is diffeomorphic to standard R^1× S^2× R^1. In a space-time diagram, the
more » ... fined exoticness sweeps out a world tube which, it is conjectured, might act as a source for certain non-standard solutions to the Einstein equations. It is shown that smooth Lorentz signature metrics can be globally continued from ones given on appropriately defined regions, including the exterior (standard) region. Similar constructs are provided for the topology, S^2× R^2 of the Kruskal form of the Schwarzschild solution. This leads to conjectures on the existence of Einstein metrics which are externally identical to standard black hole ones, but none of which can be globally diffeomorphic to such standard objects. Certain aspects of the Cauchy problem are also discussed in terms of R^4_Θ which are "half-standard", say for all t<0, but for which t cannot be globally smooth.
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/11/7/015 fatcat:m3fhjijigrddzee3gxy6ye3d6u