Satellite-Induced Electron Acceleration and Related Auroras [chapter]

S. L. G. Hess, P. A. Delamere
2012 Auroral Phenomenology and Magnetospheric Processes: Earth and Other Planets  
Satellite-induced auroral emissions are known since decades, in particular those associated with the interaction of Io with the Jovian ionosphere. These emissions range from low frequency radio to UV. Flyby of Io allowed to better understand the power generation close to the satellite, and showed the existence of electron beams accelerated at high latitude. We will present a study of the power transfer between the local interaction at Io and the electron accelerated close to Jupiter. It shows
more » ... at Alfvén acceleration can explain the morphology and brightness of the Io-related auroraeand the observed accelerated electrons in Io's wake. The study is extended to the Europa, Ganymede and Enceladus for which auroral emissions have been observed, as well as to Callisto and to the principal inner satellites of Saturn.
doi:10.1029/2011gm001175 fatcat:ce4jhdsk7vahvnbaw5khvpqske