Principals of Political Economy. Charles GideElements of Political Economy. J. Shield Nicholson

H. J. Davenport
1904 Journal of Political Economy  
ancl the parallels which he draws between Belgian and German, between English and continental, between American and European, conditions are extremely suggestive. The maini drawback of his book is that he occasionallv puts too much faith in the assertions of ,authors whose exactness does not always correspond to the popularity of their writings. Altogether M. Vandervelde's book must be considered a most valuable contribution to the literature on internal migrations. IT would be clearly
more » ... s or even impertinent at this date to call attention to the great and obvious merits of Professor Gide's Principes d'econwoniiie politique, now in its eighth edition in France, and appearing in English in a new and second rendering, after having been translated into a dozen different languages. iNo more with this later than with the earlier editions can it be questioned that there exist a need and a place for a book of the quality and temper of Professor Gide's work. Precisely what appeal, however, this new edition will make to the distinctly economic world, or what degree of adaptation will be found in it for class-room requirements, is not so clearr-is, indeed, less clear than was the case with the earlier translation. In the main, the prefatory estimiate of Professor Bonar in I89I applies to the present work: it is "neither a primer for beginners nor a dissertation for the learned; but a good book for serious students who have mastered the economic alphabet and are feeling their way to a judgment of their own on economic subjects." This fairly well falls in with the author's own judgment, as given in the preface to the first French edition: "This book is not intended for pupils in primary schools or for use in secondary education; nor is it addressed exc]usivelv to students in the universities; its object is also to reach practical men." This content downloaded from 128.135.
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