NV–NV electron–electron spin and NV–NS electron — electron and electron-nuclear spin interaction in diamond

Seiji Armstrong, Lachlan J. Rogers, Roger L. McMurtrie, Neil B. Manson
2010 Physics Procedia  
Features associated with the cross relaxation between spin of the ground electric state of the nitrogen vacancy centre (NV) and other impurity spins, mainly substitutional nitrogen, N S , are observed as changes of the emission intensity as a function of external magnetic field. The features are attributed to NV-NV electron-electron spin interaction, NV-N S electron-nuclear spin interaction and NV electron spin interaction with simultaneous change of an N S electron and nuclear spin change.
doi:10.1016/j.phpro.2010.01.223 fatcat:3tn2hqquw5cgzhqan36ez6cw4e