О. О. Hniedkova
2020 International Humanitarian University Herald. Philology  
The article considers the foreign language listening skills formation of future IT specialists in higher educational institutions. Perception of audio messages requires hard work of mental and intellectual processes that need to be developed and improved in the learning process. Peculiarities of listening as one of the types of speech activity are considered. Its influence on the development of listeners' communication skills is shown. This type of activity teaches students to listen carefully
more » ... o listen carefully to the language spoken, forms the ability to predict the semantic content of the text and cultivates a culture of listening not only foreign but also native language. Listening is considered as an action that is part of communicative activities and is used in oral communication, which is subject to social needs. However, absence of authentic foreign language environment, lack of repeated and systematic listening practice, low motivation, psychological barriers are the obstacles on the way to developing proficiency in listening. The article analyzes researches in listening skills formation of IT students. Linguists have long been interested in this question. Some of them emphasize the acquisition of a foreign language and the development of speaking skills is carried out mainly through listening, which causes the greatest difficulties. The main language difficulties of listening, which are faced by students of non-language technical institutions at the initial stage of study, are analyzed in the work. Special attention is paid to difficulties of listening process, the main factors influencing the formation of foreign language listening skills, as well as the possibilities of information computer technology (ICT) and Internet resources using in the educational process. The classification of special Internet resources for learning a foreign language by future IT specialists is presented. Specific examples of sites, resources, applications with a brief description of their purpose and features are given.
doi:10.32841/2409-1154.2020.46-1.19 fatcat:awfktpifwzh35epmt3c2bsbd7m