The Bergell pluton (Southern Switzerland, Northern Italy) : overview accompanying a geological-tectonic map of the intrusion and surrounding country rocks

Stefan M. Schmid, Alfons Berger, Cameron Davidson
The major rock types and tectonic units compiled in the attached geological map (Berger, 1996) are briefly described. The tectonic units surrounding the Bergell pluton comprise the entire Stack of Alpine nappes from the Penninic Adula-Gruf nappe to the Upper Austroalpine units and the Southern Alps. The text f acilitates access to the existing literature, briefly summarizes the results of very recent work and serves as an introduction into the regional geology of the Bergell pluton and country rocks.
doi:10.5169/seals-57705 fatcat:j5hnlb53brcebcqolgagqyuhum