Research on the Development of China's Urban Development Based on the Ecological Concept of Low-carbon

Junyan Dong, Kechao Li, Yuenan Xing, Tenglong Tan
2016 Proceedings of the 2016 International Forum on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development   unpublished
The rapid progress of urbanization in China will be an important event that will affect the economic and social development of China and the world. The development of low-carbon eco city should study the low carbon eco city development strategy, determine the development of low-carbon eco city, follow the city function and low-carbon eco city development, rational development of city industry; scientific planning, reasonable guide the development of low-carbon eco city planning, improve the
more » ... ng, improve the index system, the implementation of the planning EIA to ensure sustainable development of the city; at the same time sustainable transportation system comprehensive guidance city energy efficient operation, the construction of sustainable city traffic system; research on energy saving technology promotion, the promotion of green building technology and clean production technology, to provide technical support for the development of low-carbon eco city; promote the system innovation, the reform of the taxation system and evaluation system, and create a system environment for the development of low-carbon eco city, reform the administrative management system of city government, city government function transformation and optimization, to promote the development of low-carbon eco city.
doi:10.2991/ifeesd-16.2016.206 fatcat:zza4wier35gstkejmswsbh7ao4