HiggsCPviolation from vectorlike quarks

Chien-Yi Chen, S. Dawson, Yue Zhang
2015 Physical Review D  
We explore CP violating aspects in the Higgs sector of models where new vectorlike quarks carry Yukawa couplings mainly to the third generation quarks of the Standard Model. We point out that in the simplest model, Higgs CP violating interactions only exist in the hWW channel. At low energy, we find that rare B decays can place similarly strong constraints as those from electric dipole moments on the source of CP violation. These observations offer a new handle to discriminate from other Higgs
more » ... P violating scenarios such as scalar sector extensions of the Standard Model, and imply an interesting future interplay among limits from different experiments.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.92.075026 fatcat:ip76ih2wkre45ntmq5p7lshcbe