Comparative longevity and age at sexual maturity in twelve rainforest frogs of the genera Boophis, Gephyromantis, and Mantidactylus (Anura: Mantellidae) from Madagascar

Giulia Tessa, Angelica Crottini, Cristina Giacoma, Fabio M. Guarino, Jasmin E. Randrianirina
2017 Phyllomedusa: Journal of Herpetology  
Data on the age at sexual maturity and longevity of some mantellid species of the genera Boophis, Gephyromantis, and Mantidactylus that inhabit the low altitude rainforest of Masoala (northeastern Madagascar) are presented. Counts of lines of arrested growth (LAGs) were used to calculate longevity in these species; these data contribute to assessment of the threat level of the studied anurans. Boophis includes species of mediumto large-sized frogs (SVL = 30–65 mm) that attain sexual maturity in
more » ... 1–3 years and live 3–9 years (i.e., mid-longevity). Mantidactylus and Gephyromatis include small- to largesized species (SVL = 22–107 mm and 35–49 mm, respectively) that attain sexually maturity in 1–3 years and live 1–8 and 3–7 years, respectively
doi:10.11606/issn.2316-9079.v16i1p13-21 fatcat:kc5a22sjsbegjiatdwgsblmxki