Effects of gel formation conditions for the production of living tissue on formation and lamination accuracy

Tomohiro Morita, Seiya Watanabe, Shinya Sasaki
Development of bioprinting technology using gel is required for fabrication of complex living tissue. In addition, optimiz ation of gel formation conditions is important for high reproduction of complex structures. In this study, we developed a novel device enabling formation of alginate gel by cross-linking Na-alginate based sol material at the nozzle tip. In this report, we evaluated effects on accuracy of gel formation by preparing linear structures and vertical wall structures of gel. As a
more » ... esult of experiments, stable linear formation was possible at 20 mg/mL of xanthan gum and applied pressure of 6.7 kPa. Also, by modeling the vertical wall structures . It was suspected that a cross-linking agent with high retention was required for high accuracy in the height.
doi:10.11522/pscjspe.2021s.0_755 fatcat:qfl3ksjahbg2jaxhfodun2seja