Leaching of /sup 14/C and /sup 36/Cl from irradiated French graphite [report]

W.J. Gray, W.C. Morgan
1989 unpublished
The leach r a t e s of 14C and 36Cl were measured on s o l i d cylindrical samples prepared from irradiated graphite blocks supplied by the French Commissariat a 1 'Energie Atomique (CEA) . in deionized water a t 20°C f o r 13 weeks. completely submerged i n the water, and the e n t i r e volume of water was changed and analyzed a t weekly intervals f o r the f i r s t three weeks and biweekly thereafter. S t a t i c leach t e s t s were conducted The graphite samples were Large differences in
more » ... rge differences in the leach r a t e s o f both 14C and 36Cl were observed In general, the leach between samples machined from the d i f f e r e n t blocks. r a t e s were much higher than those measured i n an e a r l i e r study w i t h graphite obtained from a block removed from one of the Hanford reactors. The data from this study a r e compared w i t h those from the previous study using the Hanford-reactor graphite. studies regarding possible rate-limiting mechanisms a r e discussed.
doi:10.2172/5746088 fatcat:b4rliqpj5vbr7m5c2qnj3lhgiq