Coronary Artery Segmentation in Angiographic Videos Using A 3D-2D CE-Net [article]

Lu Wang, Dong-xue Liang, Xiao-lei Yin, Jing Qiu, Zhi-yun Yang, Jun-hui Xing, Jian-zeng Dong, Zhao-yuan Ma
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Coronary angiography is an indispensable assistive technique for cardiac interventional surgery. Segmentation and extraction of blood vessels from coronary angiography videos are very essential prerequisites for physicians to locate, assess and diagnose the plaques and stenosis in blood vessels. This article proposes a new video segmentation framework that can extract the clearest and most comprehensive coronary angiography images from a video sequence, thereby helping physicians to better
more » ... ve the condition of blood vessels. This framework combines a 3D convolutional layer to extract spatial--temporal information from a video sequence and a 2D CE--Net to accomplish the segmentation task of an image sequence. The input is a few continuous frames of angiographic video, and the output is a mask of segmentation result. From the results of segmentation and extraction, we can get good segmentation results despite the poor quality of coronary angiography video sequences.
arXiv:2003.11851v3 fatcat:oleewbwl5vcbxdzfhml626itza