Left prefrontal activation during episodic remembering

Scott F. Nolde, Marcia K. Johnson, Mark D'Esposito
1998 NeuroReport  
THE major current theory relating brain mechanisms in prefrontal cortex (PFC) to memory for discrete events (episodic memory) emphasizes the role of right PFC during retrieval. Using event-related fMRI, we found both right and left PFC activity during episodic remembering, but only the left PFC activity was related to the amount of episodic detail required at test. We suggest that right PFC subserves relatively simple, heuristic, cognitive processes and that left PFC is recruited for more
more » ... tively demanding, systematic, processes. Episodic remembering often requires such systematic processes and, under those circumstances, recruits left, as well as right, PFC. NeuroReport 9: 3509-3514
doi:10.1097/00001756-199810260-00032 pmid:9855308 fatcat:fhrowcfgurdvzd6dgeyfy7zrsy