pH-responsive nano-vaccines as antigen and adjuvant carrier that improve vaccine immunogenicity [article]

John Smith, Daniel Freeman
2019 bioRxiv   pre-print
Here, we report a novel method to establish an effective antigen and immunoagonist co-vector to solve the problems of low antigenic endocytosis efficiency, low immunological activity and easy degradation of antigen by antigen presenting cells. Mesoporous silica was selected as the nucleus. After loading the model antigen chicken egg albumin (OVA), the metal organic framework (MOF) formed by Eu 3+ and guanine mononucleotide (GMP) was coated on the mesoporous silicon surface. The immunostimulant
more » ... pG nucleic acid is adsorbed on the surface to construct a co-carrier system of pH-sensitive antigen and immunostimulant. The antigen loading rate of mesoporous silicon was 20%, and the protein release amount reached 55% after incubation for 24 h under acidic conditions. Transmission electron microscopy showed that the conjugated polymer was uniformly coated on the surface of the material; It was found that the adsorption capacity of the carrier for CpG nucleic acid was 8 * 10-6 mol per gram of carrier-adsorbing nucleic acid; MTT results showed that the vector had low toxicity.
doi:10.1101/617324 fatcat:hh32tefuwrd77gvvs6gbmxf6gu