Formulating appearance and perpetuation models of abnormal eating behaviors in adolescent women, and effective legal support

Keisuke Yamatsuta
2018 Journal of Health Psychology Research  
e relationship between body image dissatisfaction and the desire to be slim with a tendency for eating disorders was investigated. Female college students participated in a survey N 237 . Results of path analysis indicated that dissatisfaction with other people s opinion of one s body in uenced dissatisfaction with plumpness and the desire to be slim. Also, dissatisfaction with plumpness and the desire to be slim caused inappropriate dieting behaviors, apprehension concerning food intake, and
more » ... food intake, and binge eating. erefore, it is possible that sensitivity to other people s evaluations in interpersonal relationships originates from the tendency for eating disorders. ese ndings indicate that in the prevention and treatment of eating disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy is appropriate for addressing body image problems and problematic eating behaviors, including inappropriate dieting behaviors, whereas self-psychology and interpersonal therapy might be e ective for problems related to the self, including values and roles. It is suggested that appropriate selection and integration of these psychotherapies could result in more favorable therapeutic outcomes.
doi:10.11560/jhpr.170602076 fatcat:sk2pmn5gkjghzo244wulnmkeuq