EMT in breast cancer metastasis an interplay of microRNAs signaling pathways and circulating tumor cells

Lekha Dinesh Kumar
2020 Frontiers in Bioscience  
Introduction 3. Signaling pathways involved in EMT 3.1. TGF-β signaling 3.2. Wnt signaling 3.3. Notch signaling 3.4. Hedgehog signaling 4. MicroRNAs as EMT regulators 4.1. Upregulated miRNAs and their significance in EMT 4.2. Downregulated miRNAs and its significance in EMT 4.3. miRNA as possible therapeutic molecules 5. CTC and its derived micrornas in breast cancer 5.1. Identification and Enrichment methods of CTC 5.2. CTC as indicators of Prognostic status: Towards personalized medicine 6.
more » ... nclusion and future prospects 7. Acknowledgments 8. References
doi:10.2741/4844 fatcat:s4qykktidfelno66hi46vq5x2y