Panoramic Image Formation Using Corner Detection On Image Grids

Amar Nath, Shukla, Imran Khan, Manshi Shukla
Today, creating panoramic images becomes important task for many scientific research, business decisions and entertainment applications. The goal of this paper is to implement the approach to create full view of mosaics from colour image sequences through corner detection. The complete methodology is divided into various phases: a) Contrast Adjustment and Noise Reduction, b) Grid Formation, c) Registration of image grids, d) Selection of Control Points (Corners), e) Stitching. The methodology
more » ... . The methodology of panoramic image creation can be applied on noisy and low contrast image grids. The process starts with 2-grids that can be extended as per the requirements of the images. The registration is done among geo-referenced grids of the images. The stitching is performed among the corners in the grids. These corners are the control points of the mosaiced image. At the end, panoramic image is received which can be used for further analysis. The mosaiced image is free from geometric deformation .