Optimization of Wind-Pumped Storage Hydro Power System

Mahesh Kumar, Prashant Saini, Neeraj Kumar
2016 International Journal of Engineering Technology, Management and Applied Sciences www.ijetmas.com   unpublished
In this study it has been attempted to use wind energy supported with pumped storage for the better utilization of available wind energy. This study is related with profit maximization after coupling of the wind farm with the pumped storage system. In the pumped storage, two reservoirs at different elevations are used, where water is pumped from lower reservoir to upper reservoir at the time of excess wind energy and during the time of high demand water is released from upper basin to lower
more » ... n to generate hydro power energy. Pumped storage plant is added to electricity system to achieve high economic gain from wind energy system having variable and intermittent characteristics. A short term (hourly) optimization problem related with the cost has been developed for optimum daily operational strategy and we optimize it in optimization software. Keywords Pump storage system, Profit maximization and Hydro power energy. INTRODUCTION Power is very significant infrastructure in overall growth of any nation in the world. It is the tool to forge the profitable growth of the country. There has been an ever-increasing require for power generation recently in all countries of the world. In the true global perspective of the power demand it can be laid with certainty that many of the developing countries of the world are facing the "energy crises" and busy in formulating methods and devices to discover the various potential of energy generation for satisfying the growing demand. As such there has to be a fresh appraisal of energy producing resources and formulation of program for the implementation of plans with maximum efficiency. It is being realized that renewable energy sources can augment the availability of energy and provide a viable option in wide range of applications and can play an increasing important role in solving the twin problem of energy shortage as well as supply to the decentralized applications. Nowadays, small hydropower is considered to be the promising source among renewable energy, being a proven, mature, reliable, easily available energy technology.