Formation of methodical bases and professional Ukrainian vocal shool in the European vokal culture context of late XIX – early XX century

2022 Humanities science current issues  
The article considers the sequence of formation of European vocal culture and its influence on the formation of a professional vocal school in Ukraine. We traced the tendencies of formation of methodical bases which are based on a combination of the Western European vocal and pedagogical traditions and ethno-national character of vocal century. The historical periods of development of domestic vocal art were singled out. To trace the main trends in the development of European music culture and
more » ... ocal art in particular. Summarize the main vocal styles and methods of teaching Italian, French and German vocal schools. The main centers of musical art of Ukrain were considered : in Lviv, Kyiv, Odessa and Kharkiv, the formation and development of vocal art in them. The pedagogical activity of well-known European and domestic teachers of vocal art of that time had a significant influence in the formation of a professional vocal school. To Generali e the basic methods of each domestic vocal school, investigated their formation, based on the methodological principles of the previously established European vocal school. The founder of each national vocal school and the methods they used in their teaching activities were mentioned. Analyzing the formation of methodological foundations of vocal art, we can confidently say: the professional classical vocal school of Ukraine and other countries are based on the Italian school. A whole galaxy of world renound Ukrainian opera singers is appearing. Their performing skills, which are based on the methods of performing national vocal art confirm a sufficient vocal level of performance and a fairly high level of vocal school which was mastered dy world rehovned domestic singers.
doi:10.24919/2308-4863/49-1-18 fatcat:uqhpwebnljfcbk2qto5i245iim