Refugee Question and The Right to Work and Social Security of Refugees in Turkey
Türkiye'de Mülteci Sorunu ve Mültecilerin Çalışma ve Sosyal Güvenlik Hakları

İbrahim Aydınlı
2016 International Conference on Eurasian Economies 2016   unpublished
Turkey faces various problems because of her distinctive geo-strategic importance have made her a transit country. The most important of those are migrations towards Europe due to socio-economic disasters like starvation, poverty or unemployment as well as geopolitical disasters like war or internal turmoils. Although the political and economic dimensions of migration are prominent, these are not the focus of this study. The issue in here is to identify whether immigrants, whose number has
more » ... ose number has almost reached almost five million as wars and political chaos within neighbouring countries have forced a huge number of people to flee to Turkey, have right to work and social security according to the Turkish law. In this vein, the paper aims to clarify the content of the right to work and social security for immigrants in the long-term, instead of the short-term social assistances in accordance with human rights and social policy implementation in Turkey. For doing so, the paper firstly deals with Turkey's commitment to the international law. Secondly, it analyzes the regulations related to the right to work and social security within the national law. Finally, the paper discusses the problems occur during the implementation of law and regulations and suggests solutions for overcoming such problems.
doi:10.36880/c07.01744 fatcat:6oucg7krhrhhzbp7go6uqz2a5y