Double shell slurry low-temperature corrosion tests [report]

J.R. Divine, W.M. Bowen, S.A. McPartland, R.P. Elmore, D.W. Engel
1983 unpublished
A series of year long tests have been completed on potential double shell slurry (DSS) compositions at temperatures up to 100°C. These tests have sought data on uniform corrosion, pitting, and stress corrosion cracking. No indication of the latter two types of corrosion were observed within the test matrix. Corrosion rates after four months were generally below the 1 mpy (25 ~m/y) design limit. By the end of twelve months all results were below this limit and, except for very concentrated
more » ... concentrated mixtures, all were below 0.5 mpy. Prediction equations were generated from a model fitted to the data. The equations provide a rapid means of estimating the corrosion rate for proposed DSS compositions.
doi:10.2172/5537558 fatcat:2o3swqr6rnedpfqsqx3mxtqrsi