Virulence of Native Isolates of Metarhizium anisopliae and Beauveria bassiana Against Helicoverpa armigera in Nepal

Jhalendra Rijal, Yubak Dhoj Gc, Resham Thapa, Lekhnath Kafle
2008 Formosan Entomol   unpublished
The native isolates of entomopathogenic fungi, Metarhizium anisopliae and Beauveria bassiana, were evaluated against the third instar larvae of the chickpea pod borer, Helicoverpa armigera, for mortality, infection rate and LT 50 under laboratory conditions in Nepal. Out of four isolates of M. anisopliae and two isolates of B. bassiana evaluated, M. anisopliae M1 and B. bassiana B3, were the most virulent ones of all isolates evaluated, with a concentration at 10 7 conidia/ml. The M1 and B3
more » ... . The M1 and B3 isolates had the highest mortality rates and required the shortest time to kill the larvae of H. armigera. After treatment with M1 and B1 isolates for 10 days, the larval mortality exceeded 85%. These data lay the ground work for further studies in optimizing the effectiveness of indigenous virulent isolates, M. anisopliae M1 and B. bassiana B3 against H. armigera in Nepal. 與 2 個本土白殭菌分離株,黑殭菌 M1 與本土白殭菌 B3 是所有分離株在濃度 10 7 conidia/ml 下毒性最強者。M1 與 B3 分離株具有最高的致死率,且可用最短時間 殺死蕃茄夜蛾幼蟲。於施用 M1 與 B3 分離株十天後,幼蟲致死率超過 85%。在尼 泊爾欲善加利用本土毒性分離株-黑殭菌 M1 與本土白殭菌 B3,以達最佳功效, 這些數據可作為未來研究的基礎。 關鍵詞:本土白殭菌、黑殭菌、LT 50 、番茄夜蛾。 *論文聯繫人