Relative Influence of Natural Selection and Mutational Pressure on the Genes of Primary and Secondary Chromosome of Multichromosomal Bacteria

Surajit Basak
2017 MOJ Proteomics & Bioinformatics  
Bacterial genome is divided into two chromosome, those bacteria's are known as multi chromosomal bacteria. In one chromosome the number of genes are higher and most essential genes are present called primary chromosome. Genes on secondary chromosome has weaker codon usage bias than those on primary chromosome. The relative influence of mutational pressure and various forms of natural selection on codon bias are different. Our study reveal that whether there is any compositional constraint bias
more » ... al constraint bias and relative Influence of mutational forces shaping codon usage pattern between primary and secondary chromosome from three bacterial genera, Leptospira Interrogans, Rhodobacter sphaeroides and Vibrio Cholerae which are phylogenetically independent, and the genomic GC content of these bacteria's are 36.68%, 69.15% and 47.7% respectively. Our investigation focused on if there is any difference in the influences of natural selection and mutational pressure on the genes of different chromosome of Multichromosomal bacteria with different genomic GC content. Citation: Deb S, Basak S. Relative influence of natural selection and mutational pressure on the genes of primary and secondary chromosome of multichromosomal bacteria.
doi:10.15406/mojpb.2017.06.00197 fatcat:h73likl4bfdkrbxcvhqk6sxmbu