The fire wireless communication technology based on Mesh

Caijiao Xue
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Intelligent Systems Research and Mechatronics Engineering   unpublished
Fire wireless communications is an important guarantee for achieving fighting and rescue. The particularity of the fire rescue field needs higher request of the fire wireless communication. Considering Chinese fire wireless communication situation and the problem of fire site communication, Mesh wireless communication technology was proposed to resolve the problem. The article describes in detail the concept and characteristics of the Mesh network, designs the wireless communication network
more » ... l on the Mesh technology, and conducts a detailed technical analysis. Then expound and prove the superiority of the fire wireless communication technology based on Mesh. Introduction With the rapid development of Chinese national economy, high-rise buildings, underground engineering, petrochemical companies, public gathering places are growing. Various types of fire accidents occur frequently, modern firefighting and rescue has been rendered more and more threedimensional, large space, large span situation. The fire and rescue scene particularity raised objectively new and high requirements of communication liaison between the fire commanders and command objects. The use of intelligent wireless networks for fire detection, fire real-time data acquisition, transmission of data, voice, image (multi-channel, multi-stream video) can protect fire smooth communication, develop disposal programs quickly, and correctly implement field command. How to quickly build a temporary intelligent wireless network at the fire scene has become an important issue. Fire Wireless Communications Status Quo After the actual research of the fire scene communication with the fire brigade the author discoveries several problems exist below: • The number and type of individual communications, information gathering equipment is excessive. Advanced use of cluster network radio technology, fire communication helmets, digital phones, 3G data transmission systems, multi-carrier image transmission systems, POC audio communication systems, fire instruments transmission systems, electronic road water decision support systems, GPS satellite positioning systems bring great convenience to smooth fire communications. However, due to the lack of relevant standards and specifications, such systems were powered by a self-sufficient manner using separate data acquisition, information transmission network. • Public network communication has disadvantages, easily affected by environmental constraints. The public mobile communications network was a relatively inexpensive mean of communication because it does not require the construction of the fire brigade. However, in addition to the problem of the existence of communications blackout, the main drawback is that it is difficult to meet the purpose of the fire and rescue scene in real-time communications. Because when the user increased dramatically, resource bandwidth is ideally trapped, communication base station is often paralyzed. • It is difficult to coverage high-rise buildings or underground spaces because of the physical characteristics of electromagnetic waves. When the electromagnetic wave propagates in the
doi:10.2991/isrme-15.2015.121 fatcat:gf5w6wetnbex7nutdxr7pvlxmi