X-ray spectrum generation for a multiphase flow meter

M.C. Clarijs, V.R. Bom, C.W.E. van Eijk, Z.I. Kolar, L.M. Scheers
2003 IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science  
This paper describes the design of a geometry for the generation of X-rays to measure the relative amounts of oil, water, and gas in a flow. The measurement principle is based on the attenuation of X-rays in the mixture. The X-rays are generated by fluorescence in slanted foils placed in front of an end-window X-ray tube. EGS4 Monte Carlo simulations have been used to determine an optimum geometry. We conclude that with an X-ray tube power in the order of only 2.5 W, successful multiple energy
more » ... ul multiple energy X-ray absorption analysis should be possible. Index Terms-Multiphase flow, X-ray transmission.
doi:10.1109/tns.2003.811278 fatcat:7nivwuypzjdrxbv2ibmhptwnyy