Praktik Pemberian Salinan Akta Oleh Notaris Yang Minuta Aktanya Belum Ditanda Tangani Secara Lengkap

Alfin Dalfi
<p>In the routine inspection of the Padang Notary Regional Supervisory Council in 2019, according to his authority in Article 70 letter b UUJN 5 (five) findings of violations were found in the routine inspection of the Notary protocol where there was a violation in the form of incomplete signature of the notary deed. The formulation of this research is why in practice there was a giving of a copy of an act by a notary whose minutes of the deed had not been signed entirely and how the legal
more » ... quences of granting a copy of the deed by a notary whose minutes of the act had not been approved in full. This research is analytical descriptive research. Notary Deed has perfect proof of strength in a civil lawsuit, but if it violates specific provisions, the value of the evidence will be degraded to the strength of evidence as a deed under the hand. A notary who is proven to have made a mistake resulting in the act he made only has the power of proof as a deed under the side or even the deed is null and void by law, it will cause harm to the parties.</p>
doi:10.30983/alhurriyah.v5i1.2688 fatcat:q2sca3iydvhafl62d654r34l2y