Predictors of Stress Fracture Susceptibility in Arab Female Military Recruits during Combat Training: A Preliminary Study

Faqi Mk, Gusbi Ea
Journal of Surgery and Operative Care   unpublished
Introduction Bone, due to its mechanical properties, has the ability to withstand certain strain magnitudes during mechanical loading, beyond-which it fails, this is known as the point of ultimate strength. Fatigue failure occurs when repetitive loading leads to bone failure with a magnitude below its ultimate strength. In other words, the amount of strain needed for a bone to fail is reversely proportional to the rate of loading cycles. In conditions where either bone loading or the rate at
more » ... ch it is loaded (or both) are increased, a bone's endurance threshold is eventually breached this damage is termed a stress fracture. Abstract Introduction: Military recruits and athletes regularly engaging in vigorous physical activities are at increased risk for sustaining lower limb overuse injuries. Stress fractures represent up to 20% of all overuse injuries sustained by such populations. Risk factors of stress fractures have been recently shown to vary between different ethnic and demographic groups. The aim of this study is to evaluate risk factors of stress fractures among Arab female military recruits engaged in basic military training.