Original Article Simulation exercises efficiency in skeet shooters' technical training

Rostislav Hrybovskyy, Ihor Zanevskyy, Yuriy Briskin, Maryan Pityn
2017 Journal of Physical Education and Sport ® (JPES)   unpublished
The article contains the analysis of the technical training methodology which was developed for skeet shooters using simulation exercises at the stage of previous basic preparation during the training process. Purpose of the research is to determine the effectiveness of using simulation exercises for the technical training of skeet shooters at the stage of preliminary basic training. The special device to perform the simulation exercise consists of a control unit and two movable lasers to
more » ... ble lasers to simulate conditions and perceptions of the target closer to reality. It was studied the kinematic parameters of simulation exercises performed at a skeet using the special device that simulates competitive exercise. It was established there was a need to determine the distance to the aiming point of the target center, its horizontal and vertical components, and the corresponding relative and absolute velocity. The article presents the content of improvement methods of athletes' technical training, dynamics of shooters' physical fitness and their sensorimotor reactions during the pedagogical experiment. The teaching experiment covered the shooters during the previous basic training in the preparatory period for the macro-cycle consisted of sixteen macro-cycles. The technique modification consisted in using the special device to perform simulation exercises and proper distribution of training loads. Distribution of the total volume of training loads while technical training was: simulation exercises 53−56%; firing with cartridges 44−47 %. That is, the proportion of simulation exercises prevailed in the shooters' training at the stage of preliminary basic training. Thus, the results of pedagogical experiment demonstrate the superiority and efficiency of skeet shooters' technical training improvement methodology using simulation exercises. These results confirm and extend the scientific views on the problem of skeet shooters' technical training improving using simulation exercises.