Overview of China's Emergency Early Warning in 2021

Jiaming Tan
2022 Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection  
This research uses the 59th-70th national emergency early warning information release monthly report data of China to study the total number of emergency early warnings in 2021, the general situation of early warning categories and regional distribution differences. The results show that: 1) there are 387,075 early warning information in China in 2021, and the early warning has obvious seasonality. 2) The issuance of early warnings is obviously related to the seasons, and the issuance of early
more » ... arnings varies from month to month. The issuance of one kind of early warning can easily lead to the issuance of another kind of early warning, that is, the early warnings are closely related, and some specific disasters are easy to cause secondary disasters. 3) There are differences in the number of early warnings in each province. 4) The reason for the peak of early warnings in July and the large proportion of red early warnings in Henan Province is the sudden heavy rainstorm in Henan Province in July; the physical mechanism of this heavy rainstorm is sufficient water vapor, strong uplifting movement and stable situation and a long existence time.
doi:10.4236/gep.2022.104015 fatcat:wx37otis2zdk5acepmtjaeueam