Parallel Discrete Convolutions on Adaptive Particle Representations of Images

Joel Jonsson, Bevan L Cheeseman, Suryanarayana Maddu, Krzysztof Gonciarz, Ivo F Sbalzarini
We present data structures and algorithms for native implementations of discrete convolution operators over Adaptive Particle Representations (APR) of images on parallel computer architectures. The APR is a content-adaptive image representation that locally adapts the sampling resolution to the image signal. It has been developed as an alternative to pixel representations for large, sparse images as they typically occur in fluorescence microscopy. It has been shown to reduce the memory and
more » ... me costs of storing, visualizing, and processing such images. This, however, requires that image processing natively operates on APRs, without intermediately reverting to pixels. Designing efficient and scalable APR-native image processing primitives, however, is complicated by the APR's irregular memory structure. Here, we provide the algorithmic building blocks required to efficiently and natively process APR images using a wide range of algorithms that can be formulated in terms of discrete convolutions. We show that APR convolution naturally leads to scale-adaptive algorithms that efficiently parallelize on multi-core CPU and GPU architectures. We quantify the speedups in comparison to pixel-based algorithms and convolutions on evenly sampled data. We achieve pixel-equivalent throughputs of up to 1 TB/s on a single Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 gaming GPU, requiring up to two orders of magnitude less memory than a pixel-based implementation.
doi:10.1109/tip.2022.3181487 pmid:35700250 fatcat:pdqpueirbvb7blcavbhuyvne24