artículos originales  bibliotecas anales de investigación

Ojeda Romano, Fernández-Marcial, Ojeda Romano, Fernández-Marcial
2017 Bib.An.Invest   unpublished
bibliotecas anales de investigación Results/Discussion. An indicators system was presented to evaluate essential characteristics of the UCC+i, their activity in terms of public engagement initiatives and the promotion of these actions from their web pages in order to achieve a comprehensive perspective. Conclusions. The systematic application of these assessment and monitoring tools to the structures will provide consistent and regular data. That will facilitate the proposal of appropriated
more » ... ures to its reality. Originality/Value. These indicators have been specifically developed for the UCC+i, which does not exclude the possibility of adaptation to other systems, and its approach allows a non-limited interpretation to a quantitative study but a broader assessment.