A. A. Psyanchin, V. V. Chernova, R. M. Akhmetkhanov, V. M. Yanborisov, V. P. Zakharov
2020 Vestnik Bashkirskogo universiteta  
The effect of mineral filler (aluminosilicate microspheres and chalk) on physicomechanical and deformation-strength properties of composites based on the secondary polypropylene is studied in the work. The polypropylene, which is used in the work, is a crushed material from non-standard products. Aluminosilicate microspheres and chalk were used as a mineral filler. Composites were prepared in the melt at the laboratory station (plastograph) "PlastographEC" (Brabender, Germany) at the
more » ... ) at the temperature of mixing chamber of 180 °С. It is shown that the increase of content of aluminosilicate hollow microspheres and chalk in the polymer composition leads to an increase in the maximum torque during rotation of the rotors in the mixing chamber of the plasticograph and to an increase in melt flow rate, and therefore to some complication of the material processing. Addition of filler also affects deformation-strength properties, thus, when content of inorganic filler increases, softening temperature and bending temperature under load also increase. At the same time at small amounts of chalk additives, there is increase of impact viscosity and observed decrease of value of elasticity modulus. For compositions with aluminosilicate microspheres, inverse dependence is observed.
doi:10.33184/bulletin-bsu-2020.4.13 fatcat:fcy67myzajaetnk2fuizjq6as4