Improvement of Moving Picture Quality on PDPs

Toshihiro Yamamoto, Keiji Ishii, Taiichiro Kurita, Toshimitsu Koura, Yoshimichi Takano, Hideki Kokubun, Hiroshi Murakami
2000 The Journal of The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers  
The deterioration of the quality of moving pictures caused by dynamic false contours is a serious obstacle to obtaining a satisfactory picture quality from PDPs (Plasma Display Panels). The false contour arises from the sub-field method used to represent the gray scale. We propose a combination of two techniques, time-compressed driving and weight division for the upper bits. Each of the two techniques has a different role in improving the quality. We also outline a technique for reducing the
more » ... equency with which false contours appear, and techniques for driving large panels which have more than 1000 cathode lines. The effect of the methods is evaluated both by computer simulation and subjectively. The result shows that these methods significantly improve the quality of the moving picture on a PDP HDTV display.
doi:10.3169/itej.54.717 fatcat:wbd7kqm435ftja7mbi4db2klfy