Network Management and Security

Pragati Agarwal, Nilisha Kothari
2018 Nilisha Kothari International Journal of Computer & Mathematical Sciences IJCMS   unpublished
The word "network" also called 'data network', is a group of nodes or devices interconnected by physical or wireless connection for the purpose of communication. It is difficult to manage a large network by human effort alone. For this, the use of automated network management tools is required. Network management refers to the broad range of processes for controlling and administering a complex data network to enhance its efficiency and productivity. Network management has been categorized as
more » ... en categorized as fault management, accounting management, configuration and name management, performance management and security management. Security policy and security techniques have been major research topics for a long time. This paper reviews number of security management projects and related security research. The motivation being what network management security is, the need and issues related to it. Security applications are assessed for the value of management via SNMP. Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is used for collecting information from and configuring, network devices, such as servers, printers, hubs, switches, and routers on an Internet Protocol (IP) network. 1. Introduction Throughout the twentieth century, the leading technology has been information gathering, processing and distribution. Within institutions the drift is towards substantial, more intricate network which supporting added applications and increased users. With the growing scale of networks, the network and its associated resources are becoming crucial to the institutions and thus numerous things can go wrong, thereby weakening the network. Therefore, a need of well organized operations, free of faults has emerged. Since the computer networks are consisted of various platforms of hardware and software: several protocols, resources and services, therefore automated network administration instruments are required to monitor and manage such complex networks. There are many definitions of network management, the International Organization For Standardization (ISO) defines that "Network Management has mechanisms to monitor, control and coordinate OSI (Open System Interconnection) environment´s resources for the information exchange between these resources". Network Security is the branch of Software engineering which is worried about the issues of giving the protected and secure correspondence between the two clients of the computer network. The exchanging of information for various purposes is important. Communication security is a enormous challenge due to increase in the number of attacks and threats against network security like cyber attacks. The threats are classified as : unauthorized access of information present on network. Tampering: using others information and modifying it without permission. Vandalism: making malfunction over a normal execution of a system. The various other types of threats like Masquerading, Eavesdropping, Message tampering, Man-in-the-middle attack, phishing and others.